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Post  Admin on Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:30 am

With a high wrestling skill you will have a less likely chance to have your magical spell disrupted if you are attacked while casting.

Wrestling + Arms Lore = Disarm special move, primary ability. 80+ Wrestling and 80+ Arms Lore required. Costs 15 Stamina. Disarms target. No rearm delay.

Wrestling + Anatomy = Stun special move, secondary ability. 80+ Wrestling and 80+ Anatomy required. Success rate is based on skill level. Costs 15 Stamina. No cooldown like weapon special moves so it can be used repeatedly so long as you have the Stamina. Duration is 3 seconds (player), 6 seconds (NPC) (needs verification) The duration is not broken by combat damage the way the paralyze spell is.

Defensive wrestling, or your chance to be hit (aka Defense Chance) when not holding a weapon, is calculated using this formula: (Anatomy + Evaluate Intelligence + 20)/2 (it maxes out at 100)

To access the special moves, use the macro menu on your paperdoll to assign "primary ability" and "secondary ability" to key combinations.

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