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You can only use this skill on tamed creatures until you reach 80 skill. Animal Lore provides 20% of the chance of control of your pet when you issue commands to it. You will need at least 80 skill in Animal Lore as well as Veterinary in order to resurrect a pet.

The Animal Lore skill will display the following data:

* Attributes
* Hits
* Stamina
* Mana
* Strength
* Dexterity
* Intelligence
* Miscellaneous
* Armor Rating
* Gender
* Combat Ratings
* Wrestling
* Tactics
* Magic Resistance
* Anatomy
* Poisoning
* Lore and Knowledge
* Magery
* Evaluating Intelligence
* Meditation
* Preferred Foods
* Pack Instincts - Not used on Angel Island
* Loyalty Rating
Wild (untamed)

If your pet is... It's loyalty is...
Wonderfully Happy Extremely high
Extremely Happy Very high
Very Happy High
Rather Happy Good
Happy Good
Content Neutral
Content, I suppose Neutral
Unhappy Low
Rather Unhappy Low
Extremely Unhappy Very low
Confused Extremely low

Your pet's loyalty drops if you:

* Fail to feed your pet.
* Issue commands your pet cannot or will not follow.
* Leave your pet's line of sight for long periods of time.

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