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This skill is a great way to gain strength, get iron for blacksmithing or just to just sell the ingots at market or to tother blacksmiths. Mining also determines your ability to melt ore into ingots, and to smelt metal items back into ingots. the higher your skill the better your chance/return.

there are different ore types that open up the higher your skill.

The Ores you can get and at what skill level is needed
Iron (normal metal) 0-100
Dull Copper (dull metal color) 65-100
Shadow (black) 70-100
Copper (copper) 75-100
Bronze (Bronze) 80-100
Golden (golden) 85-100
Agapite (pink) 90-100
Verite (green) 95-100
Valorite (blue) 99-100

Higher ores have higher durability bonuses on weapons and armor. Also the higher the ore the harder to smelt into ingots. Even at 100 skill you only have a 52% chance to successfully smelt valorite into ingots.

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