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This skill will let you make maps of the area, and decode treasure maps. To create a map, simply buy a "Mapmakers pen" from an NPC mapmaker. There usually found in building near or on docks in town. You need blank scrolls to make maps.
To decode a treasure map, simply double click on an uncoded map.
To train this skill, follow this chain of map making/decoding:

10.0-25.0 Local Maps
25.0-35.0 City Maps
35.0 Sea Maps
39.5 World Maps

You will also need lockpicking skill high enough to unlock the chests after you dig it up.
Actual treasure maps are arrangeable by level, they are:
Plainly drawn - lv1 27 cartography required 36 lockpicking skill
Expertly drawn - lv2 71 cartography required 76 lockpicking skill
Adeptly drawn - lv3 81.0 cartography required 84 lockpicking skill
Cleverly drawn - lv4 91.0 cartography required 92 lockpicking skill
Deviously drawn - lv5 100 cartography required 100 lockpicking skill

The following messages are given when digging:
"You dig and dig, but do not find any treasure". Meaning the treasure is not there.
"You dig and dig, but no treasure seems to be here". Meaning you are close to the treasure, but not close enough to dig it up.
"You stop digging because something is directly on top of the treasure chest". Have the person, animal or monster move away from that spot and dig again.

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