Carpentry Skill

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Carpentry Skill

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:01 am

This is probably the most in depth skill in game. You can make so many different items and there are alot of secondary skills that you must have in order to make everything available to a carpenter.

Other skills you need and the items you can make are:
-45 Musicianship allows you to make instruments.
-50 tailoring is required to make training dummies and pickpocket dips.
-50 magery allows for the crafting of an arbbatoirs(altars).
-75 magery allows you to make pentagrams.
-75 blacksmithing allows you to make forges and anvils.
-65 tailoring allows for the creation of looms, spinning wheels, and dressforms.
-50 tinkering is required for making ovens and flour mills. - Varying levels of tinkering make the containers you make lockable. The more tinkering you have, the higher level of lock is applied.

What to make and when to make it:
0 - 11.0 barrel lid
11 - 16 small create
16 - 21 dart board
21 - 32 wooden chair
32 - 43 medium crate
43 - 53 vesper and trinsic chair
53 - 74 wooden shield
74 - 79 quarter staff
79 - 85 shepherd crook
85 - 100 gnarled staff
85 - 100 yew wood table 27 wood
87 - 100 easel

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